Identiv Nox links doors with door controllers. When a Nox controller is shipped to you, it will be preconfigured for your account.

Connecting your controller to a PoE-enabled network switch will power it on; once it gains a network connection it will self register and become available for assignment to a door.

Adding Doors

Navigate to the door view in the Nox web app and click the + button to create a new door. You will need to give your door a name. You can also assign the door to a group, add tags and configure whether the door should be locked or unlocked:

Adding a new door

If you click add at this point the door record will be created but until it is paired with a door controller it is not usable in Nox. You can select a controller here (or come back and do it at any time).

You can also update the relay time (delay before door locks after granting access) here, or choose a Door Group to dictate the relay time as as guide. If you have a relay time dictated by the Door Group, be aware that entering something different in this field will over-ride the Door Group relay time for this door only.
Relay times can range between 0.5 and 60 seconds

Adding a new door group

Configuring Readers

In the door configuration view, click the "Connections" tab to configure a reader (you can also configure other connections here). (Note: if there is no linked controller this view will be empty).

Here you can configure how readers are connected to your door:

Select Reader - here you can select the MAC address of your reader
Reader Name - you can optionally name the reader

Connections tab
"Advanced" Connections Settings

Please see also our page dedicated to TS Readers.

Door Events

There is also an Events tab which shows a filtered view of the events for that door after the door has been added and some events have been captured there:

Door Events

Lock Config

You can set a specific lock configuration for your door, which will affect the interactivity with the controller as well as associated reader and door strike.

Doors set to "Locked" will have the door strike in a 'locked' / 'closed' setting. Readers will also display a blue color. Clicking the closed Padlock icon will 'unlock' the door for the duration of the set relay time.

Doors set to "Unlocked" will have the door strike in a 'unlocked' / 'open' setting. Readers will also display a green color. Clicking the open Padlock icon will have no effect, since the relay is already open.

Doors set to "Schedule" will be scheduled to behave as Locked or Unlocked config settings above. It will switch between the two dependent upon the assigned Schedule. Clicking on the Clock icon will momentarily 'unlock' the door for the duration of the set relay time, if the current schedule is set to 'Locked'. Clicking on the Clock icon while the schedule is set to 'Unlocked' then the clock will have no current effect, as the door will already been in an 'unlocked' state.
Follow this link for further details on setting schedules.

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