Identiv Nox provides a real time view of the events occurring in your system. These may vary from users unlocking doors to door controllers losing connectivity. We provide fast access to events in the web app and it is also possible to integrate the Nox event feed with external apps.

Sample events

Clicking the time for an event will show greater detail for that event. See 'Event Types' below for examples.

Filtering Events

There are two ways to zoom in on events that you are interested in. Firstly, you can simply click on the user or door on an event and go to the events tab for that object. That will show you all the events for that object.

Nox also provides a way to quickly filter events in the view. If you hover your mouse on any row you will see a filter icon. Clicking that icon allows you to filter on user or door:

Event Filters

Events can be limited to showing only the door, user or event type selected; or, conversely, to remove events like the one selected from the view. Multiple filters can be added at once to allow sophisticated queries to be built.

Event Types

The following event types are currently used in Nox:

Access Grant/Denial

This is created when a user tries to unlock a door. The door controller determines whether the user should have access (or not) and whether the door should be unlocked. An event is created reflecting:

the user
the door
the credential used
whether access was granted or denied

Sample access event

Momentary Access

When a door is unlocked via the web app an event is created reflecting who unlocked the door and when:

Sample momentary access event

Door Status

When a door controller loses or regains an internet connection (or power) an event is created.

A controller must be disconnected for 30-60s before an offline event is created. Controllers are considered online as soon as they are reconnected to the Nox service.

Sample door status event

Reader Status

Reader status events reflect the connection between the reader and door controller. These can be useful when troubleshooting a reader.

Sample reader status event

Door Status

Raised when a door is opened or closed.

Request to Exit

When a REX or motion sensor is triggered.

Using Events to assign a credential

Tap a physical credential, such as a prox card, to the reader and it will beep twice and flash red. That’s because that card is not enrolled, but the steps below show how to register the credential to a user. An example 'access denied: unknown credential' event is seen here:

Click on the event time to see more detail, and then click the "Assign" button for a quick assignment to a user :

Add a new user, find the user from the list, or do a search for the user using the available options, then click to select the user and finish by clicking the ASSIGN button.

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