Nox is currently in closed beta, please contact us if you are interested in joining.

How can I join Nox beta testing?
Contact us either via live chat or at and start a conversation.

Can I get a spreadsheet of my event history?
Yes, contact our support and we can provide you with your event history.

How else can I access my event history?
With our integrations feature and a service such as Zapier or, you can get events delivered to different sources for further analysis. For example, you can use this setup to deliver access events or online status to a Google Sheet or Airtable.

How can I manage visitors?
There are two main ways Nox can help manage visitors to your space.
Here's a quick reference for both.

Designated Visitor Badges
Card-style badges are the most recognizable form of door entry. You can choose to set aside some pre-configured badges for visitors.

Mobile App
It is quick and easy to add a new mobile user. Once invited to Nox your visitor can install the mobile app and unlock doors. Once your visitor has left you can simply delete them from Nox to remove their access.

Can schedules account for holidays?
Schedules do not currently support configuration for holidays. As an alternative, you can create multiple schedules that simulate holiday schedules for your site and switch between them in the Lock Configuration section.

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