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Nox is Identiv’s cloud native, highly scalable and highly secure access control system. This guide will help you get started with your Nox devices and how to manage and configure them. Once you have set up one door controller and configured it the process becomes quite intuitive.


Your Nox starter pack will contain:

1x Nox controller
1x TS Reader
5x TS Cards
1x Fail-safe door strike
1x Request to Exit (REX) button

You will need an ethernet switch which can provide Power over Ethernet (PoE, 802.3af compliant) and ethernet cables. Your Nox devices will also need access to the internet: as part of your initial setup, the Nox controller may need to update it’s software and both the controller and reader will receive ongoing configuration updates from the cloud.

Connecting Your Devices
If you are using the supplied door strike then the easiest and simplest way to get started is to power it directly from the Nox controller. Nox controllers provide limited power - if you are using a different lock you may need a separate power supply.

Your Nox controller supports connecting the included REX button as well as motion sensors and monitored door locks, please see the Hardware section of this guide for details. The rest of this section will focus on getting started with Nox administration using the web application.

You will need a few things:

You should have received a confirmation email confirming the creation of your account: if you didn’t already - make sure you click the confirmation link
Your controller should be labelled with a name (two words separated by a hyphen), you will need this
On the back of your TS Reader is a MAC address (this will be a long number starting with 00:D0:16), you will need this too.

(For more information about connecting hardware to the controller please see documentation page: Nox Controller

Create a Door
Once you have clicked your confirmation and made a note of your controller name and reader’s MAC address, go to and login. If this is your first login you’ll be taken to the doors view. This will be empty, so click the + icon in the top right to start creating a door.

There are three simple things to do here:

Give your door a name (you can give it a description too if you want to)
Click on the drop down next to controller and select your controller's name
Click over to the “Connections” tab and select your reader’s MAC address (you can also give it a name if you’d prefer)

Now click Add and you will be taken back to the door list.

Interacting with a Door in Nox

A few seconds after clicking ‘Add’ your reader will beep and restart; after restarting it will connect to your controller and will provide feedback as you interact with your controller. To confirm this is working click the padlock icon next to your door, this allows you to remotely unlock the door. When you click it a few things will happen:

A message will popup saying “Access granted to <your door’s name>”
Your reader will beep and flash green
The controller relay will switch (you will hear a click from the relay and possibly from your lock as well)
An event will be created in the events view

This is what your door will look like in the “Doors” view:

Enrolling a Card

Tap one of the cards from your starter pack the reader will beep twice and flash red. That’s because that card is not enrolled and no access rules have been created. The next steps are to register your card to your user and to write an access rule.

Now that you have presented your card to the reader a record will show in the event view. You can find this by clicking the icon in the bottom left corner of the web app:

Click over to the events view and you should see a line similar to this:

Click on the event time to see more detail, and then click the "Assign" button for a quick assignment to a user :

Click on your name then click the ASSIGN button.

Granting Access

Next you need to create an access rule for yourself. Click “Rules” on the bottom left and then the + icon in the top right to create a new access rule. It is possible to create quite sophisticated access policies in Nox but here we will create something very simple that just grants your user access to your door.

You will need to wait a few seconds for the new configuration to be transferred to your controller; then tap your card to the reader and you should find that it will beep once, flash green and the controller will unlock your door. Navigating back to the event view you will see a new event showing that access was granted to your user at your door.

You have now completed the quick start guide! You have learned how to configure doors and access rules and how to enrol users but there is a lot more you can do with Nox and we’re continually adding new features and making improvements. You can reach out to us on chat in the web app or email us at for more information. We are always interested to know about your experience.
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